Yonex Duora 77 Badminton Racket
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Yonex Duora 77 Badminton Racket

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  • Duora 77 LCW is the Advance level Badminton Racket For Offensive Badminton Players with medium flexible shaft. It is slightly head heavy balance racket with mid flex shaft which generate good power on smashes and third line clear. 

    It is signature Lee Chong Wei Style Badminton Racket which is developed with feedback given by Lee Chong wei to improve the overall racket performance. This Duora Series Racket reflects the excellence of Lee Chong wei which gives absolute power on shots while pinpoint accuracy on net area. 

    Yonex Duora 77 LCW is developed for aggressive level players and to improve the performance of the racket the Dual Optimum System is incorporated which gives increase racket head swing speed for backhand and more power on fore hand shots. 

    In dual optimum frame concept, two cross section (Box and Aero cross sections) are joined together to produce all new frame for all-round type of game. With box type of frame, player will get better strength thus helps in better power transfer while with aero frame, better aerodynamic will produce and player can hit speedy backhand shots. 

    This Yonex Duora Series racket is manufactured with HM Graphite with optimized flex shaft which will provide you better opportunities to hit the powerful smash shots. 

    In order to create the durable and High-Strength Frame, Yonex researched the T-joint section where the frame is connected to the shaft. 

    Technologies like, Isometric head shape, New Grommets patterns, Built in T Joint, Control Support are used to improve the racket performance. These technologies along with scientifically developed Yonex Manufacturing Process gives better racket performance, less vibration, steady racket head, more power on shots and better control on shots. 

  • Key Specification of YONEX Duora 77 LCW 

    #. Weight of the racket is around 88 gms. 

    #. Racket is suitable for offensive playing style. 

    #. This racket is developed with Dual Optimum Frame Technology in which two cross sections (Aero type and Box type) are used in single frame. We know that Aero type frame Cross section is designed by considering the Aerodynamic laws which includes optimizing the section to minimize the air resistance. 

    Box type frame is developed to give more strength and power. To further improve the racket behavior, Yonex used different material at different cross sections. By doing this innovation (Using different Cross sections and different material. 

    #. To improve the Hold, Impact and Repulsion (Three most important characteristics of racket), Yonex uses Nanometer Dr which is high strength carbon material (Nanometer Dr normally used in Aviation industry). With the help of this material, badminton player gets better hold, fast repulsion and high impact strength. 

    #. Player can put 19 to 26 lbs string tension (recommended string: Yonex NBG 99). 

    #. Yonex used Nanopreme (NANO Technology which bind the graphite fiber with epoxy resin) at racket shaft. With Nanopreme, Player will get best qualities fro racket (Better Bending strength, more stiffness and better impact strength.) 

    #. Further to reduce the carbon content in shaft material Yonex used the Nanometric technology (improves the bonding strength between the carbon fibers which eventually gives better shaft material). With Nanometric technology player will get 60% thinner shaft as compare to other rackets. 
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