Yonex Muscle Power 88 badminton rackets
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Yonex Muscle Power 88 badminton rackets

Air resistance reduction -  with a 3% thinner frame and 6% thinner shaft, the resulting 5% reduction in air resistance produces a racket with superior playability.
High Speed, High Power - the muscle power frame transfers the full energy of a hit with no loss of power on impact, producing a 5% faster smash.
Solid feel on impact - the muscle power frame features 'round archways' between grommets to evenly distribute stress forces. String tension id higher giving a more solid feel and greater stability with every hit.

Tk900.00 (tax incl.) Tk900.00 (tax excl.)

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  • Material: Graphite 
  • Head Shape: Isometric 
  • Shaft: Slim 
  • Shaft Construction: H.M Graphite, Ultimum Titanium 
  • Balance: Heavy head
  • Recommended String Tension: 16-21 lbs
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