Warranty & Repairs


All our Fitness products go through vigorous quality control and assurance testing to ensure that we bring high quality products that will last the distance. However in the rare occasion, if faults do happen, we’ve got excellent after-sales service with parts and technicians that will get your equipment up and running again.

If you have a faulty or damaged product, please email support@hirakraja.comwith your order details, a brief description of the issue and attach any photos to help describe the issue.



The benefits provided to you by this contractual product warranty are in addition to other rights and remedy available to you under the law.


After determining whether there are manufacturer faults or damages to the product,hirakraja.com will determine, in its discretion, the reasonable call to action method to remedy the issues. For most issues, parts can be easily changed over, and for these issues, hirakraja.com will send through the relevant part to fit on. In the unlikely event of a major fault, and we will request the item back for repairs or replacement, which is at hirakraja.com’s' discretion at the time of assessment.

hirakraja.com reserves the right to replace the relevant part with the same or equivalent Product or part, rather than repair or replace it. If a replacement is provided, hirakraja.com will determine, in its discretion, the closest product within the then current range of products offered by hirakraja.com with which to replace the faulty or damaged product. The replacement product may differ with the replaced product in size and specifications, at the reasonable election of hirakraja.com. hirakraja.com may replace parts with refurbished parts.


Proof or purchase (invoice or paid order confirmation) must be provided when requesting warranty repair or replacements.

In order to assess damages or faults, photographic evidence must be submitted to the Technical Support team (support@hirakraja.com) for review, before the product can be repaired or replaced in accordance with these terms.


We guarantee long-term high performance from our fitness range with a 3 Year warranty on selected Treadmill, Spin Bikes and Exercise Bike models used in home and domestic environments. Our policy guarantees on the lifetime of the product on the market, which is considered to be 3 years unless otherwise stated specifically.


Our warranty period only covers parts replacement and does not include call-outs which will be separately charged. Please note that in some areas, call outs may not be available. Additional labour charges may apply for any additional work performed on-site.


Without limiting any statutory rights which may be available to the Bangladeshi consumer in respect of the product, including those under the Bangladeshi Consumer Law, this warranty will not apply to:

  • Damage caused through incorrect adjustment to treadmill walking belts, drive belts, bike handles, seats, pedals;

  • Any product used for commercial or rental purposes;

  • Any product supplied outside of Bangladesh

  • Any product stored or used outdoors (excludes weight vests);

  • Any defects caused by accidents, natural disasters, lightning, water, fire, wind, storms

  • Any defects caused by abuse or theft of the product or in the case of electrical products, is due to surges in the electrical power to which the product is connected;

  • Any defects caused by faulty or defected power cables;

  • Any product that is incorrectly installed or set up;

  • Ordinary wear and tear of the product;

  • Damage caused to Bars/Barbells due to negligent or faulty use, improper maintenance, storage or handling by the user. Negligent or faulty use includes abusive dropping of the bar, such as dropping on the ground, hooks, bars, spotter arms, or similar;

  • Any adaptation or changes to the product which are not in accordance with the user manual supplied with the product;

  • Damage resulting from:

    • Incorrect adjustments to treadmill walking belts, drive belts, bike handles, seats, pedals, treadmill desktops, adjustable benches, barbell hooks, adjustable weight systems;

    • Transportation (excludes transit damage when dispatched from our store)

    • Abuse, misuse, excessive use, failure to follow instructions, improper or abnormal usage;

    • Alteration, modification, defective installation;

    • Unauthorised repairs, alterations or modifications from an unauthorised third party.

    • Any power supply fault in ancillary equipment used with the product;

    • Pests, mice, cockroaches or other insects;

    • Entry of foreign matter into the product including liquid, moisture or dirt; and

    • Salt build-up or rust corrosion.



Our warranty policy laid out above covers domestic use only. Commercial Warranty terms are provided by our IndustryPass team and will be determined based on the type of purchase and usage. Please consult your IndustryPass Account Manager for commercial warranty terms and conditions.