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Draw-bar without fixing With this AB tower , no need to fix your draw-bar on a door dial (and damage it)! This weight training equipment allows you to perform the following exercises:

1.Supine (chin-up) traction for muscles of the biceps and dorsals

2.Pull-ups to pull back muscles (dorsal and big round).

3.Tight engagement traction to develop trapezius.

All the exercises of traction allow to muscle the back and the shoulders even if certain types of tractions make more appeal to one muscular group than to another. AB Tower Roman chair dips bar Dips bar The repulsion parallel bars (also called "dips") is another must-strength exercises to the weight body to do at home. The Dips allows to work a large part of the muscles of the bust since they solicit the pectorals , the anterior deltoids , the triceps , the large dorsal , the trapezius and the abs to a lesser extent.

This bodybuilding exercise can be quite difficult for beginners but with a little perseverance you will come to hoist yourself over the parallel bars. Muscle abdominals Everyone dreams of having well-troded abs. With this Roman chair, many variations of exercises allow the bodybuilding of abs : Raised legs stretched to strengthen the abs Raised knees for beginners (easier) Raised legs with rotation to strengthen the obliques The leg survey is an essential weight training exercise to build your upper body.

Technical characteristics :

Total depth of the station: 83 cm

Total width: 65 cm

Height of dips bar: 113 cm

Adjustable height for draw-bar: 180 to 230 cm



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